Ninepin alley

With our universal ninepin alley software, we cover your complete lane control.Whether games or competitions, everything can be managed from the terminals and from the PC Control Center with little effort.

Ninepin software

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Equipment for your bowling alley

With the use of lane PCs there is the possibility of leisure ninepin bowling. These are attached behind the monitors which gives you access to a variety of game variants and more than 50 video animations (“all nine”, …).

With our system there is also the possibility of displaying advertising images.


It is possible to connect to all commercially available setting machines, except rope-free. The results are displayed using one or two-line totalizer displays. The controls can be used for all types of lanes (classic, scissors, screed).

Game range

Over 20 leisure games ships, balloon, rhombus and much more.

Various professional games: lottery numbers, basic arithmetic …

Erotic bowling with matching reward images for men and women

Leisure ninepin in bowling style

Children’s bowling with shrill sounds and matching reward images / videos

LED monitors with approx. 40 “(more / less on request) mounted on the ceiling or wall

PC with WIN 10 installed behind the monitor

Control panel in the console

Complete network setup with all system components

Sports electronics

Control Center

Our equipment for your bowling alley offers numerous configuration options. The main focus here is our monitor systems that efficiently monitor your ninepin alleys.

When used with the Control Center, the lane screens can display detailed information for each bowler. Home and guest announcements as well as player lists can also be displayed on each lane screen.

For competitions

Freely programmable competitions

Simultaneous controll over Multiple competitions

Save teams and competition cycles

Display options for team counters, current player lists, match reports etc.

Data evaluation

Immediate printout via optional dot matrix printer

Immediate printout via optional thermal printer

Game report export to Excel

Print out individual, team and competition logs using laser printers

Player lists import from Excel

Additional advantages

Connection option for up to 4 additional monitors, above the tracks or in the spectator area

Control functions of the complete lane keyboard are also possible from the Counter PC


Highest technology for your ninepin alleys

Whether classic or scissor lanes with our Control Center, both ninepin lanes can also be operated simultaneously. Even Competitions can be held across tracks.

World Championship

Our evaluation program for the ninepin sport was used, among other things, at these ninepin world championships:


2019 Czech Republic

Cluj Napoca

2018 Romania


2017 Germany


2015 Germany


2013 Hungary


2012 Poland


2012 Germany


2011 Bosnia and Herzegovina